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RELUB GmbH is an internationally operating company in the lubricant industry with its offices located in Frankfurt am Main, Paris and London.

REFLUB is an independent lubricant brand, with a wide range of products and an optimal solution for every application. Our Products are high quality “Made in Germany” and are carefully developed to meet and exceed the requirements of recognized and regularly monitored quality standards. We offer the customer a wide range of lubricants and other products of the new generation.REFLUB  offers you an optimal solution for every application!


Our core business is the global selling of motor oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, industrial and agricultural oils, greases as well as additives, antifreezes, winter chemicals and brake fluids. Since each item of our wide product range is manufactured in Germany, it is created in a certified production process and therefore meets the highest quality standards.

Our company places great value on good cooperation and is characterised by flexibility and reliability. On these grounds we develop new market strategies together with our business partners and provide them with advisory support. One of our guiding principles is  “REFLUB means being partner, not just customer“. Due to our many years of experience within the oil  business and in accordance with our partners we achieve a competitive advantage on the world market.

REFLUB GmbH combines German quality with a global view of a market-oriented vision. Because  the quality label ‘Made in Germany’ is an international value.


The Original Brand REFLUB is only to order in Frankfurt am Main – Germany.

Fresh motor oil


We develop our technologies to continue to accomplish our mission of excellent product quality. For the specific demands of modern engines, we design the best lubricants on the German market. We test our oils according to quality and industry standards to be able to strain the engine permanently to its limit. The priority of our tests is to reduce the frictions and the material wear as well as fuel consumption. In the advanced, on-site laboratory, products are carefully developed by our experts in order meeting the special requirements and needs of our clients. Our products are produced, proofed and distributed worldwide at the most modern lubricant blending facility here in Germany.

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REFLUB Germany GmbH

Assar-Gabrielsson-Straße 10,

63128 Dietzenbach, Germany


Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 




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